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Apart from all the benefits that the internet has provided there are some problems that come along with its usage. The most common issue is that our devices become prone to malware, but this issue could be solved by installing an antivirus on it. Norton antivirus is such a software that provides complete protection to your device as soon as it is properly installed and activated. As it is relatively easy to use so it is preferred by people across the world. In some instances, you will find that Norton stopped working. In that situation, you will need the help of the Norton support team who would find out the actual cause of the problem and hence resolve it.


What are the steps of installation?

When it is about the installation, activation or uninstallation or even the process of up gradation of the antivirus then a certified technician is a must who can provide you relevant support in all these cases. After the Norton security download process is completed, they cross check it and ensure that the process, whether it is an installation of the antivirus or uninstallation is completed properly. If you are in confusion in understanding the steps of installation then you can follow these steps:

  • For starting the installation process first download Norton internet security from its website. Seek help from the support team if you are confused about which file to download from the official website.
  • If you understand which file to download them in the downloaded setup file you have to right click which will take you to a welcome screen where at the top right corner of this screen you can find the installation language to select the language and then click on ‘continue’.
  • Now for activating Norton you have to first type a new username and password and after that click on ‘create an account’ to create a new account where you can keep your license number. Make sure to avail Norton support in case you have any difficulty in creating the account.
  • In order to login to the existing account, you have to click on ‘login here’.Once you enter your account you must enter your license number, which will activate your product with the license number that you got while purchasing Norton.
  • Once you have activated you must ensure that you restart your computer if it prompts so that you can enjoy all the features and it provides complete protection to your device. Norton help team is always beside you to guide you through the steps.

These are steps that you have to follow for installing and using Norton without any hindrance. If you have any doubts about the process, then you should contact the team. In case even after installing Norton properly it is still not able to detect the malware then get the Norton uninstaller tool and remove it completely and then again install it on the same device under the guidance of experts.


How to activate Norton?

There is a huge number of people who usually download and install the Norton antivirus but in the duration of installation, they may not activate it. In that case, it is for sure that they can’t use the protection features which helps in the detection of the malware. So, you should not worry because this problem might arise when you have not activated the antivirus properly.  The activation steps are very simple yet if you need any help you can take it from the Norton support team. They will definitely ensure that the process is completed without any hindrance. Here are the steps of activation:

  • Double-click on the icon present on the desktop which will open the Norton management console. You can take help of Norton customer service if you have any doubt in the process.
  • Next, click on the internet security tile that will take you to the screen wherein the top right corner you will find the menu where you need to click on that then select ‘About’.
  • Now, you can find the subscription tab as soon as you click on that then you will find some activation methods, you must select one from them. In the next step, click on login which is present in the next screen. You can consult the technicians by dialing the Norton phone number.
  • Here type your email address and password of the account that you created while purchasing it. When you are able to login in the account you will have to enter the license number on the next screen to activate it.

Though these steps are very simple, and you are to activate your account easily but at some point, of time if you feel that you are having trouble in following these steps then you must always seek the help of Norton support experts. They will provide you proper help in the process of installation as well as activation.